tagErotic PoetryAwakening




my body rises from its captive sleep,
Alive and restless, rising from its ease,
Full, with longings powerful and deep,
Hungry, seeking beautiful release

My skin is warm and liquid, lickable;
my hands are strong and fluid in their heat;
my mind thinks lusty thoughts applicable
to waking you with kisses soft and sweet

my mouth is hungry for your sexy skin,
my tongue desires your liquid, musky flower
and I want to immerse you, love, in sin,
and tease and tantalize you for an hour

my cock, erect, is rising from my loins,
seeking you and your sweet feminine thrill
wanting our naked bodies to conjoin,
wanting to take and deeply you fulfill

erect, it begs for you and all you share,
as a living animal waking you from sleep;
it longs to part your lovely pubic hair,
and into you fully, strong and deep.

It wants to feel you squeezing, hot and wet,
and wants to fill you fully, as it throbs,
and pulses in you, as hard as it can get,
Yet with its soft, expanded, fleshy knob

It wants to probe, explore you, and to take
every gasp and sigh from on your lips,
as I begin to kiss you, dear, awake,
and lick and suck your legs, and skin, and hips

so waken now, my love, and feel my skin,
my tongue my lips my rigid, pulsing cock
and spread your heart and flower, and let me in
as you feel familiar, lusty, precious shocks

I wake like this each day, and want to share
such lust with you! such fresh and joyous love,
That I wrote this to tell you that I care,
and never, dear, could never get enough

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