tagErotic PoetryBaby Love

Baby Love


You are my crazy love
baby love
the one I love to love

The night holds a new sort of comfort
and you balance the world on you shoulders
as the wind bears witness to volumes of secrets whispered between us.

Victoria’s secret’s
cradling the secrets I know so well.

The lips I would kiss
the scent of being spent...


The progression of my obsession
to have you in my possession is endless.



my crazy love
for my baby love

The one I can’t help but love.

Your lips will frame the words that
would touch my heart as your fingers
make wet trails down my sweaty back

and slipping
as you get closer.

Breathless I want to breathe in your essence
and in your presence
I am humbled

over the top
I won’t stop

My baby love who I love to love

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