tagErotic Poetrybad day turned good

bad day turned good


if you have a dad day
i suggest you come see me
i will fuck you and suck you
until you feel happy
i'll cater to you
and supply all of your needs
i'll just consider it
one of my good deeds
i'll give you a massage
and draw you a bath
i'll tell you funny jokes
that will make you laugh
i'll hold you in my arms
and cuddle with you
then get you naked
so that we could screw
i'll tickle your balls
with my soft,moist tongue
then marvel at your dick
'cause you're so well hung
your troubles will melt away
as i cover you with kisses
we can act out your fantasies
and i'll adhere to your wishes
i'll get you horny
after i get you relaxed
i'll let you eat my shaved pussy
i know you love it when it's waxed
we can do everything
from rough to romantic
whatever route we take
the sex will be fantastic
i'll lick your neck
and nibble on your ears
there's no doubt that i can please you
i've been at this for many years
when you get with me
i'll fuck your cares away
you'll be so sexually satisfied
that you'll forget about your bad day

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