Bad Man


Naked, on the floor
all splayed out for Me to see
I come to you slowly

Looking down at you
I lick My tingling lips
My eyes telling you
just what I do to bad men

I depart the room
returning swiftly
full of excitement
bearing hidden goodies

You lie statue-still
as I bind your wrists tightly
laying them on your back
so they don't restrict access

Next comes a spreader bar
to keep you in one place
while My small wicked whip
whispers why you are Mine

Thwackkk! on your tender ass and a slap! from My hand
I grow warm as you squirm and moan
your red skin wetting My wantoness
making Me more eager to make you wiggle

I tell you how bad you are
but you know that, don't you?
you're too manly to ask for this
Whaapp!! So you'll get it harder!

What? You've had enough?
ohhhh no, sweetheart...
you try to see My actions
but you see nothing, you only feel...

My lubed fingers rubbing
probing your sweet ass
making you cry out...for more?
Yes, I'll give you more

I slip the lubed vibe past your defenses
your senses slipping away
drowning you in pleasure's vortex
sucking you to the edge of your mind

I push and you thrust back
totally at My mercy
haha, what mercy?
I remove the vibe

You're screaming for release
I ask you if you deserve it
you know you don't
so you remain silent

I untie your hands
to retie them at your front
pulling the bar up
and knotting the rope there

"Whine" Slap! Don't lie to Me!
you love having your ass in the air
your cock stiff on your stomach
oh, you can only reach the head? Grin

Yes, I am a cunt. Slapp!
that's right, and you remember that!
I watch you struggle to rub your cock
as I toy with your ass with the vibe

I slip the tip in and you jerk hard
Oooh, you DO need it, don't you?
Hmmmm, what will you give Me in return?
you'll eat Me till I cum three times?

I lean forward and smile at you
you have a deal, baby, I whisper
and then I take all of you in My mouth
as I slowly slide the vibe home

My body jerks with your force
as you explode into lustful fragments
My tongue tasting the sweetness
of releasing you into ecstasy

As you lie there quivering and moaning
I untie your hands and feet gently
and I tell you I'll collect next time I'm horny
and then I leave the room

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