tagErotic PoetryBecca's Stranger

Becca's Stranger



Becca’s enters the Darkness of the room
Her dress drops softly to the floor,
Her scent already fills the air
From her excitement of what’s in store.

She slowly removes her silk panties
Their sensual touch against her skin,
Adding to her building anticipation
Of what is very soon to begin.

She lies on the satin sheets
Her blindfold now in place,
She’s not allowed to speak
No sense of sight, time or space.

Only sensations of awareness
Those of touch, smell and taste,
No visual judgments
No spoken words to waste.

Only anticipation of the stranger
Not knowing his name, face or touch,
Soon joining her to fulfill a fantasy
She has dreamed of so very much.

She hears his footsteps as he enters
The closing of the door,
She finds herself touching herself
As his pants slip to the floor.

His hot breath against her body
As his breathing betrays his lust,
Does she dare trust this stranger?
Her desire says she must.

The touch of his hands and mouth
As they softly begin to explore,
The sweaty smell of his body
She reaches out needing to know more.

But as he passionately kisses her
He binds her hands to the bed,
Just as the same ropes now do
Her legs which are now openly spread.

Suddenly she’s startled
By the candles wax and it’s heat,
Each drop upon her breasts
Searing pain that is so sweet.

Covering her now swollen nipples
Her enjoyment of this she must admit,
She cries out with pure pleasure
As the hot wax caresses her clit.

Tasting his tongue as it plunges
So deeply past her lips so sweet,
So intense, so hot, so wet
As there mouths passionately meet.

His hands now grasp her breasts,
As she moans with excited pleasure,
He kisses and licks his way down
Seeking out her most intimate treasure.

Her wetness now freely flowing
Burning desire from deep inside,
As she feels into her pussy
His hot tongue begins to slide.

He tastes of her sweetness
Spreading her wetness upon his face,
As his fingers slide into her ass
She feels her heart begin to race.

As he fingers her ass deeply
She hears him moan and sigh,
Just as he too is excited
From her own passionate cry.

Her desire overwhelms her
As he rises to slide his cock deep inside,
She moans even louder now
Never louder has her pleasure cried.

The full length of his cock pounds her
Her breasts feverishly rises and falls,
She feels his animalistic lust timed by
The slapping of her pussy and his balls.

She’s totally at his mercy
Exposed to be taken in everyway,
He even now has gagged her
Only muffled cries of joy can she say.

He withdraws his cock from her pussy
She was to cum, but now can only sigh,
As he places two pillows under her
To lift her ass up so very high.

He slides his now wet hard cock
Into her sweet little as so tight,
But only muffed cries are heard
From her pleasure on this night.

As he grasps her hips tighter
Fucking her ass so hard, so fast,
She comes so intensely again and again
It’s like forever her orgasms shall last.

She feels him slide his throbbing cock
Into her wet pussy as her orgasms grow,
Her wishing to remove her blindfold
To watch his cock fucking her below.

She pictures his cock spreading her lips
With every thrust it is deeply stroked,
Her wetness being pumped out of her
His cock and balls it has soaked.

As she continues Cumming stronger
Than she could’ve before ever thought,
He explodes deep inside her
Filling her with his cum so very hot.

He lies there cock still inside her
They are both completely spent,
Yes, he lies there still inside her
As they both are so very content.

He slowly rises untying her hands
As he softly kisses her lips,
Then tenderly kisses his way down
Past her still trembling hips.

He unties her legs as he licks up
Their passionate wetness combined,
Cleaning her tenderly, completely
Not leaving a single drop behind.

As she feels him rise above her
Leaving only memories of his touch,
She thinks, “Who is this stranger?”
With whom I’ve shared so much.

She awaits the removal of the blindfold
Revealing the mystery man she was sent,
But she only hears the closing of the door
Becca’s stranger leaves without a hint.

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