tagErotic PoetryBetter Than Coffee

Better Than Coffee


Dawn is breaking -
The bed is soft, warm,
Blankets heavy like a hug.
Your back is to me,
Rising and falling
Softly as you sleep.
I’m awake
Even though the birds are not.

I trace soft circles with my fingertip
On the smooth skin of your back,
Dot to dot with freckles.
With the side of my thumb,
I push the muscles along your spine,
Working out their stiffness
While other develop.
Lightly rubbing your side
All the way down to the hip
And back again.
My arm around you,
Rubbing your tummy.
Your hair has fallen to the side
Allowing light kisses on the nape.
My toes tickle the bottom of your feet.

My hand moves up,
Caressing the soft fabric
Protecting your breasts -
Flowered silk under my fingers
As contours develop,
Pushing out from the material.
You turn towards me slightly,
My kisses move from the nape
To under the earlobe
The smell of automatic coffee
Must be the thing waking you up,
Because my touches are too soft.
My hand completely surrounds your breast,
Dragging the fingers away
Culminating at the tip.
You stir slightly,
Pushing the cleft of your derriere
Against a convenient protrusion.

I move my fingers down,
Lightly, gently,
Over the crush of curlyhair
Outlined in the silk,
But I find your hand is already there.
Together, we finger your clit
And tickle the outer lips.
You wrap your hand around mine,
Directing the fingers where you want them.
Use me - like you would your toys
In the soft sweet slickness.

Kisses on your shoulders.
The spaghetti straps have surrendered;
Your nightgown hangs loose,
The lace edging rubbing against your skin.
Through a gap in the fabric,
I see where your other hand went.
I slide my other hand under you and around -
You have one, and I have the other,
Rubbing nipples through the silk.
You work my hand harder within you
And push your hips back against me.
I wiggle my fingers as you use them:
Falling back into my embrace
Ready for coffee?

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