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black beauty


if you don't know
black beauty is me
i fuck all nationalities
in the name of racial harmony
once you got black
your never go back
if you sample my pussy
you'll know that's a fact
i fuck people
regardless of their shade
when you get between my legs
you know you've got it made
getting me in bed
is most people's goal
their attracted to me
because i've got so much soul
a black woman on our arm
is like being with a queen
i'm a regal female
with whom you'd like to be seen
my skin is black
my pussy is pink
take a look at my photos
then tell me what you think
it's like going to kfc
i'm the dark meat
i'm a nubian princess
and i'll keep you in heat
come one come all
enjoy a fabulous fuck
getting to screw me
is the ultimate in good luck
i'm a black beauty
and i always will be
i'm one of the most sought after women
in internet history
so if you dig black chicks
and you're into interracial sex
fucking me is the answer
and it's not that complex

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