tagErotic PoetryBlack Lust

Black Lust


I watch him from across the room,
As he works out in the gym.
His beautiful body glistening darkly.
Making my insides melt ever so slowly.

As he lifts the heavy weights so easily,
I picture him lifting me that way
Setting me upon his strong shoulders
His hot hungry tongue, sliding into me so sweetly.

His skin is an ebony beauty,
Rippling of muscle and sleek power
I watch him from afar, not thinking he notices me
He is alpha male personified, with his strength, height and aura

I turn my gaze from him, and walk into the gym's shower
Trying to take my mind from this beautiful dark man.
I catch a helpless moan in my throat,
As mere thoughs of him nearly causing my breathing to lower.

Trying to keep my thoughts from this beautiful ebony man,
I walk around the corner to see if there are any vacant stalls,
And as I do, I suddenly feel a hard body behind me.
Then strong arms pulling me to the shower walls

I gasp in shock as I look up into the most beautiful brown eyes,
His words are are few but meaningful, as he whispers:
"You are mine Monique"
The power and lust in his eyes cannot be disguised.

His massive, strong body towers over my smaller frame,
As his huge hands rip my clothes off in one tear,
Leaving my body naked and quivering, to his eyes
My clothes pooled at my feet without a care.

This ebony god lifted me upon his shoulders, my back to the wall,
As his long, wet tongue parted my tiny pink petals, impaling me deeply.
My small legs lay on each dark, massive shoulder,
My sweet little pussy being ravished so completely.

I slide down his body, as my numerous orgasms begin to subside,
But he was not done with me, as I slide right on his massive shaft.
I try not to cry with the pleasure-pain of him, but I must,
His massiveness stretches and fills me, as I submit to his Black Lust.

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