tagNon-Erotic PoetryBlood Lust Part 2

Blood Lust Part 2


Ah welcome back my blood thirsty reader I see you want to hear some more,
The next tale I shall tell you is filled with an endless pit of gore.

Friends are forever but I know now that is not true,
A very dear friend I had but not any more because she is the one I slew.

Never tell a lie to a person who lives for death like the oceans can flood,
She made that mistake and the only thing left of her now is a few speaks of blood.

The mind can be so naive sometimes it lands you in your own fiery pit of hell,
I asked her to walk with me one night and on her the fear I could smell.

We walked in silence for sometime before I finally made my move,
I took out my sword and swung it at her neck, finding that sacred groove.

Her head did not fall off but in her eyes I could see her feel the pain,
As I took my sword out of her unholy body it began to rain.

A scream of fear escaped her blood filled throat as she slowly fell to the ground,
I bent down next to her body and put my hands over her lips silencing any further sound.

I asked my dear friend why she had to lie to me the way she did,
But an answer I could not get because my knife was not the one to forgive.

Slowly removing the sharp weapon from her heartless chest,
I began to walk away as her lifeless body began to rest.

But I was unsatisfied with the work I did so I went back to the hollowed out shell,
I removed my sword again ready to strike sending her straight to hell.

But before I did I bent down and took her blood onto my iron hand,
I brought it to my lips and tasted her before I sent her to the fire filled land.

My tongue seeking out its prize, my soul lifted into an ecstasy filled state,
I took the sword in my hand and sealed her lifeless fate.

This demon shall haunt me no more but her taste shall forever remain on my lips,
So my dear reader and friend you see it is unwise to lie to me for your life rests on my fingertips.

But do not let me scare you I would like you to come back again,
The next story I shall tell is far worse then this for someone it is the end with which I shall begin.

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