tagErotic PoetryBloodlust and Sexmagick; a Duet

Bloodlust and Sexmagick; a Duet



it was her scent

like ginger
like orange
that first caught me

i glanced over to her
admiring her hair
blonde and long
her curvy body
entrancing me next
and then
held in her gaze
her eyes
so blue
so stormy
my heart was no longer my own
i had no choice
or did i?
yet i followed her

she said,
and i was there
her hand entwined mine
in my mind
i realized what i had done
and there was no regret

her lips grazed my skin
as she opened a door
and we tumbled into a bed

"Here" she whispered
and licked behind my ear
i was lost then
was forever forgotten
all i knew
was her fingertips
light as butterflies
as she unbuttoned my shirt
and kissed my velvet bra

her lips touched my neck
i felt her hands in my hair
her breath in my ear
and cool air caressed me
as i lay there
naked under her view
nothing seemed more natual
or more erotic

my eyes closed
as she fluttered her tongue
over my nipples
i felt something
enclose my neck
"Mine" she purred
locking the collar
around my neck

and then there was the pain
her teeth
her kiss
as she traced a line
down my skin
towards my begging cunt

her lust and need and love
spun around mine
as she drank from me
her fingers within me
stroking me
fucking me
and i was cumming
stars exploded
and then

i awoke
to find her next to me
snuggled within my arms
gently scented
orange and ginger
laced with sex

i saw the door, unlocked
i saw my blood
tainting her lips

i knew what may become of me
if i stayed...

and yet
i smiled
and held her closer

wrapped in each other's warmth
i dreamt
and was at peace...

For The Blood Is The Life

there was something about her

perhaps it was her grace
her comfort within herself
as she smiled at me

i watched her
locking her eyes in mine
brown and deep
like melted chocolate
and i knew she was enchanted

i led her
captured her hands in mine
i could sense her uncertainty
and so i kissed her
i could feel her pulse
like a bird
so tempting
and yet i kept myself
from going too quickly

i had her undress for me
reveled in my power over her
and how she delighted
in doing as i told her to

i licked her skin
felt her blood quicken
and was maddened by her submission
i took out the collar
i had kept
for so long
clasped the leather around her
and whispered possession
around her being

i kissed her neck
she moaned
exposed her neck to me
and i could not resist
i bit
and drank of her
my fingers stroked her skin
so soft
until at last
my fingers were inside her
stoking her desire
until at last
i felt her shudder
and her blood became sweet
one explosion of lust
and it was over

as i closed my eyes
allowing sleep to overcome me
i smiled
and snuggled against her
for at last
i had met
my prey
and my salvation.

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