tagErotic PoetryBody Fluids and Other Poems

Body Fluids and Other Poems

byCal Y. Pygia©


I sucked his cock,
And he said to me,
"You are spit;
That's all you are,
And all you'll ever be."

He fucked me in the ass,
And he said to me,
"You are shit;
That's all you are,
And all you'll ever be."

He masturbated me,
And he said to me,
"You are cum;
That's all you ever are,
And all you'll ever be."

He beat me,
And he said to me,
"You are blood;
That's all you are,
And all you'll ever be."

If he could see past my
Breasts, past my buttocks,
Past my cock and balls,
Into my heart and soul,
He would say to me,
"You are bile;
That's all you ever are,
And all you'll ever be."

Even a stopped clock,
I think, but know
Better than to say,
Is right twice a day.

Noon and night,
He holds me tight,
And I think,
He loves me,
But, then, I am spit
And shit and cum
And blood again,
And I know
A stopped clock,
May be right
Twice a day,
But that's not enough
Time for me.

I want to be more than
He can assay;
More than spit and shit
And cum and blood;
I want to be beautiful
And wonderful
And angelic again,
The way I was back
In the day, when earth
Was paradise.


Meghan is sweet
With disguised innocence,
Her voice silk, and wet
With transsexual desire;
Janis is anguish so profound
She bursts into song
As desperate as
An unborn child buried
In an early grave.

Listen to the violin,
The way it saws the soul
In two; feel the pain
Of the thorns, the nails,
And a soul caved in
Under the weight of glory
And the torment of sin,
And you'll want Jimi back,
With his big guitar,
Whispering to you
Of castles made of sand,
Or Grace singing of Lather
And White Rabbit
And asking you plainly,
"Don't you want somebody to love?"

I know what they are doing
In the Hyacinth House,
But I can't tell,
Because ain't nobody ever going to love you
The way she tried to love you,
And she's gone, and they're gone;
They left us here, to carry on.


Sequins blind me;
They hurt my eyes,
And they make me
Wince, so that the boys
Start to wonder,
One more time,
Asking me,
"Why do you stay with him,
When he hurts you so?"
And I can't tell them
It's not him; it's me
Who loves the glitter
And the iridescence,
The sorrow and the pain,
And wears the sequins
That give sparkle
To my tarnished transsexual soul.


She seizes me
From the first moment
I see her,
Fire rising behind her eyes,
Lava spilling
From her lips,
Her coiled hair
Upon her glowing brow,
Her innocent baby face
Cocking an eyebrow,
To ask, Don't you want to know?

She can show you
The anguish inside the soul
Of a little girl lost
And tossed, like litter,
Alongside a dark and lonely road.


All I know is that,
When I see her,
Hear her, feel her
Sing to me,
And me alone,
I want to hug her
Breasts to my breast,
Become one with her,
Melding my transsexual self
To her tortured soul.

I never knew my need
Until I saw her;
I never knew my pain
Until I heard her;
I never knew the glory
Of my beauty
Until she seized me,
Heart and mind and soul.

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