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I didn't go to work today
at a loss what to say
struggling to find my way
is it true, I'm really gay.

Started Friday after four
life feeling such a bore
boss called me to her floor
calling me her little whore.

Taken aback I didn't know
should I stay,should I go
succumb to her dirty show
allow myself the ultimate low.

Leaning back, spreading thighs
batting those big blue eyes
thought I was going to die
looking at her furry pie.

Giving in, on my knees
really trying to appease
licking her, ill at ease
god she's such a tease.

Suddenly, and so abrupt
pussy began to erupt
like a dog licking it up
making me feel so corrupt.

Slowly rising, slinking away
didn't know what to say
offering me extra pay
to do this every day.

She's right, such a whore
never,ever done this befoe
acting like I wanted more
kneeling again on the floor.

Straddling me, I her slut
feeling the knot in my gut
grunting like a deer in rut
licking her, eyes wide shut.

Licking away, her lucsious slit
there's the pearl,a swollen clit
her eyes now all alit
body in a quivering fit.

She left me on the floor
fingering myself,wanting more
her pussy I now adore
I am her favorite whore.

That's why I'm home today
don't care the extra pay
want to lick her anyway
guess I am really gay.

Therein lies the hitch
she's such a demanding witch
can this work without a glitch
being her dirty bitch.

Off I go, a little late
she'll be mad, my new found mate
if she hurts me, so my fate
I'll just blame it on something I ate.

author, little miss blair
© copyright 2001

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by sharkshark11/19/17

Went to my mature plump neighbors house
She took me into her crotch like I was a mouse
All I wanted was to call her Mommy
She was like a tall horny Dommy
A video was made with me on my knees
For this powerfulmore...

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