tagErotic PoetryBound and Waiting....

Bound and Waiting....


Bound hands raised high
Captured and restrained
Fingers seek reach in vain
For warm flesh, silky strands
Prohibited from touching

Eyes closed, covered
Blinded by the mask
Tied firmly, held secure
Sounds enhanced by blindness
Whisper through the air

Muscles strained, taunt
Betwixt bound hands and toes
Just barley resting on cool marble
Each breath soft with anticipation
Entire body shivers in wait

Black silk halter dress
Modestly covers front, back bare
Flowing, clinging down waist, hip
Edge teasingly brushes thigh
Scant inch below silk stocking top

Tingling awareness, heightened senses
Supple creamy flesh slowly blooms
As molten heat swirls deep within
Dampness spills onto clenched thighs
Nipples strain achingly against thin silk


Soft music fills the room masking sound
Scent of jasmine wafts through the air
Awareness of a close presence slowly dawns
Uncertainty sends tremors coursing within
Muscles tense in anticipation

Shuddering, tremulous as an icy trail is blazed
From jaw down, slowly down
Between quivering breasts lower, slower
While a fainter iciness skims over belly
Down, lower, slower

Faint touches brush across bare shoulders
Trace a whispering path round, down
Circling shoulder blades to sides
Down, round and up the spine
Send shivers through quivering limbs

Warmth grazes the side of one breast
Then firmly across swollen nipple
Eliciting moans of pleasure from taunt throat
Back arches as nipple is grasped firmly
Between thumb and finger, twisted and pulled

Gasping as pain mixes with pleasure
Tensing as fingers capture the other nipple
Trying to flee the twist and pull
Biting bottom lip to keep from crying out
As pressure increases and sweet pain radiates out


Soft silk flows slowly down sleek curves
Releasing its hold on heated flesh with reluctance
Shivers speed it past succulent curves
Sending tingles spiraling down then up arched spine
Tense with uncertainty, whirling blindly to precipice

Uncontrollable heat flows from molten core
Burning away fear and inhibition alike
Gasping at the touch, was there a touch
Nerve endings strained to utmost limit
Teasing mind and body with whispers

Phantom fingers dance fleetingly over bruised lip
Tremors send it skittering quickly away
To whisper, tickling lightly over fragile rib
Coaxing subtle hissing intake of breath
Belying serenity of an intimate aura

Pulse fluttering with humming bird wings
Betrays calm acceptance boldly
Accompanied by aroma of moist heat
Swollen stiff peaks, uneven breath
Curve of drawn muscle ‘neath satin flesh

Tantalizing images flood shielded eyes
Molding desire, coaxing unbridled passions
Acute awareness prickling the mind
Rampant raging pheromones
Spinning inner balances outward


Hungry gaze burns a path down glowing flesh
Devouring every curve and contour
Leaving behind a rosy trail for fingers to follow
Circling gleaming beauty, partaking of the feast
Dressed and prepared for love’s voracious appetite

Moisture seeps slowly down tender thighs
A glistening trail to draw ravenous eyes
Scent of passion mixing with jasmine
Draws hungry lips closer to succulent tissues
Covering trembling muscles and nerves

Roseate nubs flush a deeper crimson hue
Quavering with each raggedly drawn breath
Tantalizing lips with hints of delectable promise
Swelling, tightening as promise is taken
Lips wrapping tightly ‘round tips, enflaming senses

Limbs shudder under the onslaught of sensations
Fervent heat laving away tensions
Following the flow of stroking fingertips
Tracing feathery routes over sculpted limbs
Soothing strained muscles delicate touch

Ravening appetites consume all rational thought
As gleaming pearls of moisture lure covetous lips
To quaff at Venus’s fount of ambrosial fluid
Ripples of pleasure spiraling to swollen petals
Teased to frothy, quivering perfection


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