tagErotic PoetryBrando and Ninn

Brando and Ninn


Brando and Ninn

The first thing she did to catch his eye
Was to flash him a smile walking by his desk.
All she got was a nod of his head and a hi.
So the next day she showed him her breasts
By wearing a transparent blouse and no bra.

He said, "Nice outfit" as she wiggled by.
She said, "Thanks. It's from Panama."
He said he was going there in July
Instead of going all the way to the Casbah.
She said she’d trade travel tips for a beer.

She met him in a bar when the workday was through
And crossed her legs to make it clear
She wore no underwear.
"Nice pants," he said. And she said, "France."
He said, "That's funnerwear."
And she said, "Perfect for romance."

He asked her to dance and took her in his arms.
She moved up against the hump in his jeans.
And was swept away by all his manly charms.
She whispered she was afraid she'd make a scene
Unless she could see his cock soon.
He said, “How about by the light of the moon?"

She moaned, "I need it now and I'm not joking.
I need a little rubbing together and poking.”
"My place or yours?" he asked with a passion.
"Go. I'll follow your phallus wherever you say."
So they left the bar running and dash'n
To his apartment for a roll in the hay.

He dropped his pants and pulled out his cock.
She stripped and dropped to the floor
And licked his penis till it was hard as a rock.
And all he could say was "More, more, more."

Until he could say no more and filled her throat
With six spurts of sperm, almost a quarter of a cup.
She gulped it down and said, "You get my vote
For the best tasting squirts. I'm filled up."

"What can I ever do to thank you?" he asks.
"My pussy has the answer, quid pro quo."
He picked up his prick and said, "Just the task
For Johnny One Eye here. Oh, let's go, go go!"

So she split her tail wide and let him inside.
They rooted, moaned, oowed and ahhd
And impaled themselves for a bumpy ride.
His cock and balls rode rode her pussy roughshod

"Just the way I like it," she said. 'Root me, baby."
And talk dirty to me just before I hit my peak."
He rolled her over and opened her labia
And rammed her with his horn into she squeaked:
"I'm on the edge, cement man. Talk nasty now!"

"Baby, let me pinch your nipples, suck your cunt,
Lick your anus, handcuff you and make you beg
For my uncut, cock and make you want
My hard jammin’ meat between your legs.

"Oh, fuck me and rut into me!" she yelled.
And bucked so hard she threw him off her butt.
She went the rest of the way by herself, propelled
Into the Outer Space of climaxing to smut
He finished himself off with his hands
As he watched her burn into a fucking flame.
They fell in a smoking pile, unable to withstand
Any more sex for just now, no more games.

Later he came to and said, "It was heaven."
She murmered, "Oh, yes, baby, I feel the same.
But I've got to go now, it's almost eleven."
He asked, "Don't you want to discuss names?"

"My name is A. Ninn and you are M. Brando.
This has been sweet for me, a fab fandango."
He said, "Oh, now you're just giving me a little shuck.
And she said, "And thanks a lot for the zipless fuck."

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