tagErotic PoetryBreaking the Block

Breaking the Block


The title comes from the fact that I wrote this after meeting a lady online whose sheer beauty finally cured my writers block. It is in two parts - separated by the "---". I thought I would see the response it provoked before completing it :o)

Her hair was sprayed
Her eyes were closed
Her lips were budding like a rose
Her body ached
Her womanhood yearned
But she must be patient she had learned

Her back it arched
And then it froze
As he suckled on her toes
A devilish look
With lustful eyes
As he kissed up to her thighs

Her pulse got quicker
Her heart just raced
As along her panty-line his lips traced
Her labia burned
Around he kissed
Her body lost in total bliss

His tongue just flicked
Circling her clit
Then sliced right through her hungry slit
She gently moaned
Mouth open wide
As he slid his tongue from side to side

Her body twitched
Began to spasm
The start of one of many orgasms
She gripped the sheets
Then she bucked
As on her clit he gently sucked

He looked and smiled
A cheeky grin
Then slid his finger all the way in
I think this poem
Could be quite long
Mail me back if you want to go on...

His finger slid
And then it twisted
Pleasure she didn't know existed
Her body bucked
With one firm thrust
As he began to eye her bust

His palm still rubbed
Over her lips
As his tongue attacked her nips
He sucked them hard
She felt a rush
As juices from her pussy gushed

She wanted it
Needed him bad
His teasing drove her raving mad
When his defence
Started to drop
She overpowered him and got on top

Her body burned
Her body ached
As down his chest her nails raked
She lowered on
His throbbing cock
And gently she began to rock

The pleasure felt
Was so immense
Around his rod her pussy tensed
I'll leave it there
I think it's best
Your imagination can do the rest...

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