tagErotic PoetryBreathless


byCal Y. Pygia©

Tea parties mad with desire unrestrained
May I have a little sugar and a lot of cream
Please with the long-lost pastries I have claimed

The day begins again in no time at all
And the only face I have to wear
I've worn too many times before

Vests do not fit well when one owns
Breasts as buoyant as mine
And neckties manage only to tantalize

Man-made women have it hard
Their competition is stiff
Despite their relative femininity

Punctuation deserts me like all the rest
Even rhyme abandons lines
And sense borders upon nonsense sometimes

Would you like an eye instead of a cherry
To top the sundae you made
Of my male-to-female transsexual virginity

Perhaps you will settle like the rest
For a comma a period or a question mark
Something to set off the syntax of my thoughts

Pain does not know boundaries
And grammar is no good for grief
The best I can do for you is an ellipsis

Perhaps I will get back to you in a postscript
When the clouds pass and the sun comes out
And I can breathe a while again

It's true you know you leave me breathless
Like a mermaid out of water or a fish
Trying to become amphibious before its time

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