tagErotic PoetryBreathless with Anticipation

Breathless with Anticipation


our bodies entwined
smelling of sex
I'm breathless with anticipation
of what you'll do next

my supple thighs parted
with my knees slightly bent
you lower yourself
and take in my scent

your tongue gently probing
my most sensitive spot
I'm trying not to orgasm
but, hold back, I cannot

your face glistens with my moisture
as you watch my vagina contract
now it's your turn, baby
I want you on your back

there's no need to get you hard
you're already completely erect
I marvel at your manhood
as every inch of it I inspect

soft flicks of my tongue
tease your stomach, neck, and chest
now you're breathless with anticipation
waiting for me to do what I do best

I kiss your pelvic region
then swallow you whole
deepthroating is not a problem
I have great gag control

I'm sucking so fast
to you, my face is a blur
your hips are vigorously humping
the same way mine just were

my mouth receives its award
with one final thrust
ending a night of breathless anticipation
filled with sex, love, and lust

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