tagErotic Poetrybrother and mother fuckers

brother and mother fuckers


i accidently walked in
on my twenty year old brother
while he and our mom
were fucking each other
i was home from college
it was gonna be a surprise
but i couldn't believe
what was in front of my eyes
and they didn't hear me
so i quietly closed the door
but then i went back
i just had to see more
i left the door
a little cracked
my brother was on top
my mom on her back
they were talking really dirty
calling each other names
even i was getting hot
i nearly burst into flames
i guess they thought
no one was home
but i was right there
taking pictures with my phone
what would dad do
if he got wind of this
his son doing his weife
i bet he'd be pissed
i have to admit
i liked what i was seeing
they were fucking like animals
not human beings
out of my parents' bedroom
someone did walk
"holy shit" it was dad
i couldn't even talk
my brother was eating mom's cunt
and dad was screwing my bro
i tried to move
but my feet wouldn't go
i'm gonna masturbate
to the pictures i took
i'm happy in their room
i decided to look

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