tagNon-Erotic PoetryBrown Sparrow's crime and trial!

Brown Sparrow's crime and trial!

byUncle Pervey©

When Cock Robin died, there was much ado,
The Birdland's a-flutter, while the Wise Owl asked "Who?"
The boys in blue, bluejays all fifteen,
They were notified, called and rushed to the scene!

When they arrived, and looked all around,
They found old Cock Robin stretched out on the ground!
Yes, they found the victim, under a tree,
Magpie found the body, and gave out with a "Skree!"

They turned poor Cock Rob over, and pulled out an arrow,
And someone cried out, "That looks like Brown Sparrows!"
They went to Judge Owl, and asked for a warrant.
The Judge said "Of course, for a deed so Abhorrant!"

They captured Brown Sparrow, by following his trail.
They grabbed him and then, they threw him in jail!
A day was set for, the trial to begin,
Where it was attended by twelve jury Wrens!

The Judge was a scruffy, old rebate Barn Owl,
Who sat on his limb, facing all with a scowl.
The prosecutor Crow, with feathers ruffled up,
Cause he intended on, showing his stuff!

He figured the trial was important, you see,
And he figured on going, down in history.
The judge was on bench, the jury in box,
Brown Sparrow for lawyer, had hired the fox!

The crow complained, with a hard baleful glare,
That "hiring the fox, was just plain unfair!"
He argued the trial, just concerned feathered friends,
They weren't holding a trial, in a Fox'es Den!

Judge Owl asked the sparrow if Fox was his man?
When Sparrow chirped yes judge said "There's no ban."
Judge Owl rolled his eyes, said "Thats my decision,
The accused wants the Fox, so the Fox'es his'en!"

Judge Owl grabbed the warrant, and gave it a scan,
And slammed down the gavel, the trial began.
The crow prosecutor, picked up the brown arrow,
"First evidence!" He cried and pointed at Sparrow.

But Fox with a grin, rose up with objection,
To Crow's theatrical posing reflection.
Said Fox to the court, "You know he's just trying,
To prejudice this jury, by just judisizing!

Its so plain to me, not wide but narrow,
The crow's inferring, my client owns this arrow!
The Prosecutor's entering this, arrow with no proof!"
With this the fox smiles, and sat down aloof.

Prosecutor Crow, his beak blooming red,
Screams "I object!" but then the judge said,
"It seems now to me, with all said and done,
Fox may be right, so carry on son."

Crow called his first witness, and softly grumbled,
"Whatever I do, I gotta stay humble.
Ol' Judge Barn Owl, is an ornery cuss,
And if I'm not careful, he'll make a big fuss!"

So swearing the witness, and asking his name,
He asked where he was, "And tell it the same!"
"By the old oak tree," chirpped the reply,
"When as I watched, an arrow zipped by!"

Crow grinned and turned, "Your witness" he said,
Mr. Fox picked up, a note that he read.
To the witness, he asked a question just one,
"Did ya happen to see, where the arrow came from?"

The witness turned pink, and answered with "No."
Fox smiled and sat down, "The witness may go."
Crow was so mad by this time that he stuttered,
"I ob ob ject!" He snarled with a shudder!

Judge Owl hid a smile, the jury felt glee,
As Judge Owl said, "Prosecutor proceed."
The crow growled "I've just, got one more to call,
When I've finished with him, I'll be done and that's all."

The last witness called, was a sly crafty bird,
No one who saw him, could believe a word.
But Crow persevered, and pushed on with a flourish,
He flapped his wings quickly, creating a durvish!

But try as he might, he wound up with a frown,
The witness just stated, "The arrow was brown!"
The prosecuting crow, sat down with a groan,
He knew he had failed, and sat all alone.

Sly Mr. Fox, with a grin and a bow,
Addressing the jury, said "Its MY turn now!
The evidence seen, and shown by this bloke,"
He pointed at Crow, "Is just a plain joke!

There isn't but one judgement, you can bring in,
Not guilty my friends," Fox said with a grinned.
The jury of wrens, never leaving their seats,
All cried "Not guilty!" with trill and with tweet!!

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