tagErotic PoetryBurning Desire

Burning Desire

bySmiling Eyes©

Sluggish descending sunset slips beneath an impressive horizon, vibrant colors exhibit orange, red, yellow, blue, pink, purple, conveying darkness upon us all. Kerosene lanterns softly shimmering, casting alluring shadows. Subtle romantic melodies create intimate ambience. Cuddling, snuggling, embracing, one another, on a soft red, velvety settee. I lay my head upon your shoulder close my eyes, handsomely distinguished, blonde hair, windows of baby blues, sincere smile revealing pearly white teeth, flaxen mustache and goatee. Entirely mesmerized, devouring your heavenly scent.

Gentle fondling hands soft as a feathers caressing touch. Whispering words of compassion, an affectionate kiss, start blue waters flowing, speeding across slippery hidden rocks, gathering from all directions, while rapids run rampart, foaming white heat, with every breath I take, steaming blood churns and swirls deep into every available chamber.

You light my flame, like a match striking a candle. Passionately stoking a wood burning furnace, unknowingly, adding more fuel to the fire. Your soft caresses turn warmth to heat, inflicting burning desires. Hot searing rivers flow throughout every feasible vein, distributing electric pulses of energy, intensifying depths of my soul. Heart beating in rhythm craving ecstasy, detonations of explosive waves crash within, hugging tightly, united as one, absorbing each other’s performance.

Currently rendered powerless, laying huddled together, fuels consumed beyond exhaustion. Wicks depleted, dim lights expired, calming possessions of sleep encumbers. Serenity dreams occupy spent sensations, humming beats distantly afar, slow rhythmic currents flow, sustaining nourishment of life.

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