tagErotic Poetry...but I don't know how...

...but I don't know how...


I don't know how to feel at all anymore,
Not since you lost me.

And the actions I take,
every day of my life should make me feel remorse
somewhere deep inside,
but I don't,
I don't feel anything.

I'm empty since you.

And I'm not that person
that I know you think I am,
You had me once,
I'm broken,
never again.

Your eyes see me,
they know me still,
they will always know me.

When we pass on the street,
or even in the hall
I think the very same things about you,
I don't think very much of you at all.

But, I do.

But we know that no-one will ever know,
that once,
You really loved me,
And I still think that you do.
You forget that I know you,
Knew you.

And your eyes cringe when you say you hate me,
And so I smile at you,
But inside I cry for you.
But you only see the smile on me that you hate,
You love my smile.

I say nothing to you,
I don't have to,
It's enough to see it in my eyes,
It's enough to make you shut up,
Because you can read me now just like you could back then,
We were together.

You still don't like to see that look in me,
My hurt to your insensitivity.
There is only silence,
And then the still of your unconscious,
And a smile.

And the thought of kissing me
still makes you hard,
And you hate me for that.
You dream of me-
Entering me,
Guiding me,
To mind blowing-
We would lose ourselves in one another for days,
Breathing only you and me air,
But you ruined it.
You put your cock,
My key,
In another lock (lock-box)
And I changed my deadbolt.

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