He sought a sylphlike waif to beg the cage

There are those girl who crave the five-pronged whip
Still others tease a man with pouty lip
Some girls enjoy the hunt and hurried chase
Those willowy svelte babes induce embrace
One type of slave girl isn't often found
Is one who thrills the most at being bound
And caged to be admired in all her grace
In naked splendor. She would hide her face
If possible, yet she must bare her shame
And let her Master keep her as caged game
Led like a dog on leash or metal chain
She kneels on stony ground, endures the pain
On bended knee she waits her Master's tug
His yank means more to her than tender hug

This type of girl prefers a cage at night
She loves to feel the shackles on her tight
And Master's hands touching each tender part
His groping fingers make her faint at heart
She begs for mercy hoping all the while
That Master will her private parts defile
"Oh Master please," her tearful eyes implore
"Don't make your loving girl be like a whore!"
Her tears won't stop his probing her sweet cave
She can't prevent arousal's pulsing wave
She knows that he will take her as he wills
Inside her heart of hearts finds girl her thrills
Down burning cheeks roll salty tears of joy
She knows that in his heart she's his play toy

She pulls her bracelet; twists her comely butt
She cannot stop his finger; she's a slut
"Now beg my penetration," he commands
She swallows hard and with her tiny hands
Spreads petals wide and with an angel's voice
"Oh Master enter please; it is your choice!"
"Beg for my use and make me truly feel
A girl's desire for me is hot and real!"
She blushed red as she tried to answer him
From hell's dark hole cried out her cherubim
"Oh Master please abuse most wantonly"
"Explore her parts and use them savagely"
"Make her cry out in tearful pain and joy!"
"She begs your use; she is your sexy toy"

He locked her hands behind her head to test
The tenderness and firmness of her breasts
She moaned as he stroked nipples hard and firm
He pinched them both, this action made her squirm
It was her time of month and she was sore
Her muff was wet with bloody tears galore
The girl embarrassed let him have his play
Her menstrual odor gave the girl away
When noticing her issue so sanguine
He placed his lips to drink of her urine
And sample her sweet damp with all its juice
The girl was crying---this use was obtuse
"Beg use and let your golden stream outpour!"
The girl tried hard to open her front door

She strained but only droplets issued out
The Master frowned and made a childlike pout
His wicked tongue lapped from her lower lips
He spread her buttocks with his fingertips
She moaned embarrassed at this show of force
Her darkest moments were displayed of course
"Now piss!" said he and she know fully well
If she would pay then paying would be hell
He shoved his fingers deep into her rear
At last she peed more out of love than fear
From golden fountain drank his lust's desire
Her ruddy treasure trove was bright as fire
His wicked lips and tongue those flames did staunch
He twisted teats and pulled up to her haunch

A massive member entered her domain
Her cervix felt the dickhead strike again
Inside her tender tissues wildly shook
He raped her mouth---all that he gave she took
The taste of blood, cum, mixed with urine gold
Was strangely luscious, not a taste too bold
What earthly man would champion such delight?
The slave girl knew now of her total plight
Her body was all her Master's to command
Behind her head she felt her shackled hand
And knew that nothing she had was her own
Her sanguine flux must still receive a bone
When he was done her cage was her delight
In close chains bound she had to spend the night

In cramps of arms and legs were so severe
And even worse she felt that ancient fear
That comes from being tied in quarters tight
And helpless in a cage on darkest night
"Oh Master please come rub this poor girls' arm"
"She's bound so tight, she fears some dreadful harm"
The Master came and rubbed his precious slave
The close chain made her give more than he gave
Her love for Him grew more each passing day
She found her cage the smallest price to pay
For His attention to her smallest needs
Her helplessness on his libido feeds
The girl came more and more the cage to love
It was her heaven, send from high above

"Cage" a poem by Taunus 9 Jan 2006

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