tagNon-Erotic PoetryCall my name

Call my name


You know of what my heart does sing
you know far too much of these things
but one more night could be too late
death could seal one of our fates
then words unspoken haunt our dreams
until I cry and then I scream
unto the heavens of lost love
about my angel up above
so why do we here hesistate
when love could come to us too late
when so much evil roams this land
why do you shy to take my hand
what can we fear from just a kiss
except a momentary bliss
life may cast you to the mud
but while still in me pumps my blood
my heart is yours to end your pain
we may be lost but 'least we gain
a pause in the constant strife
that makes up what we define life
and if loss does not come our way
then blissful shall we always stay
I swear I shall not make you grieve
my purpose is only to relieve
the pain that ones on you have wrought
the same that leaves you so distraught
the pain that denies me your smile
the pain that has all this long while
had never once had come to pass
if only I had been there lass
instead of some ungrateful rat
who finds it necessary that
you suffer for his own enjoyment
and now I have my own employment
to undo what this beast has done
I shant give up until I've won
so please before you turn me down
examine why you wear that frown
and ask yourself how could it be
that trouble comes so easily
and yet when love offers a boon
you tell me that its far too soon?
Call my name lest I be gone
for I cant wait another dawn
my heart cries for one like you
so tell me that of which you do
will you remain the way you are
scared to ever go too far
or will you do as my heart pleas
and love me, now I'm on my knees
I promise if you just say yes
then I will show you tenderness
thats unknown yet unto this earth
and promise you will never hurt
as long as my lungs still draw breath
My love is yours until my death.

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