byLady Kouka©

In the distant mist, the solemn sound of the foghorn rings out across the water,

Blustery winds bringing up a spray off the bay, lightly stinging my face as I stand there,

The bay shimmering with the rising moon, the lights on the Belevedere coastline twinkling,

Atop their stolen refuge of abandoned moorings, the sea lions bark out their mournful cry,

Seagulls patiently hovering over the wharf, searching for any scrap or morsel they can escape with,

In the background, the joyful sounds of the ancient calliope, memories of the past flooding back,

A little girl, all dressed in ribbons and bows, excitement making her almost speechless,

The smells all around her, the salt air, cotton candy and hot roasted peanuts fill the air,

Gripping her tiny hand as tightly as she can in a confidant large one, knowing she's safe,

Lights and sounds a whirlwind, looking from here to there, wanting it all, not knowing where to start,

Pulling at her chaperones, dragging them closer to the whirling merry-go-round,

Her eyes wide with anticipation as she watches it move in its circular path, at long last, it slows, then stops,

Stepping up she can't decide which beautifully decorated animal to mount, all are wonderous,

The unicorn, no the striped tiger, finally deciding on the the brightly colored dancing pony,

Strong hands lift her up and she sits astride the proud beast, clutching the spiralled pole,

As it jerks into motion, her gaze falls upon that golden brass ring, just waiting to be taken,

It moves round, faster and faster, her steed motioning up and down, the world outside a blur,

Suddenly I'm back, the salty air and the blustery wind biting onto my cheeks, a single tear rolls down,

My heart filled with joyous memories, the smile of youth on my lips as I gaze out upon the water,

This is who I am, that little girl still looking at the world in wonder, knowing that this will always be home.........

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