tagErotic PoetryCampfire's Desire

Campfire's Desire

bySmiling Eyes©

with gear unpacked
tent staked, sleeping bags unrolled
lanterns hanging on the trees
campfire built, ready to ignite

we set out for a walk
absorbing the beauty
on nature's winding path
secluded deep in the woods

we stumble upon a family of painted turtles
stroking their way through the water
necks stretched, arms and legs extended
slow dalliance of courtship

tiny droplets of rain begin to fall
looking towards the sky
we see a wee cloudburst
with trees sheltering us from the brunt of rain
we settle next to an old oak tree
embraced in each other's arms
recalling the painted turtles flirtatious ways
we passionately kiss
blending amongst this newfound sanctuary
as we wait for the rain cloud to subside


heading back to our campsite
a chill hanging in the air
darkness engulfs us all
vast bright moon, fully engorged
constellations dance across the skies
send shadows of light
decorating a moonlit night

striking a match to ignite the fire
as the flames, lick the burning wood
we feel our own heat begin to rise
laying me down on a bed of fallen leaves
touching, caressing, lips pressing, stirring my inner core
rains begin to fall once more
we are oblivious to all other surroundings
the rain extinguishes the fire
as a log enters my flaming desire
riding high as the waves come crashing in
crying out your name
while bursts of explosions take place
content and exhausted, sleep overcomes us
wrapped in each other's arms throughout the night
as the rain continues to fall


aroused at dawn by singing birds
a sun that's bringing us warmth
waking up hand in hand
staring into the sky
we see a rainbow, blue, yellow, red, pink, and green
all colours of love
created from our night of desire

clearly recognizing we had no cover during the night
soaked and chilled to the bone
we build a fire and set up the tripod
waiting for the coffee to begin its boil
we dress in dry clothes
perched on a log snuggling next to the fire
enwrapped in a large blanket
absorbing the warmth
sipping our coffee
reminiscing of our campfire's desire.

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