tagNon-Erotic PoetryCan you feel my pain?

Can you feel my pain?


Have you ever woken up one day, and felt like killing someone? You know what I mean? I mean the best kind of killing, the kind where you take a gun and put it to a persons head. Pull the trigger and explode their brains all over a wall. Watch their blood splatter everywhere. As you do you lick their blood from your lips, which had gotten spattered there from the blast, that’s the way I feel every day when I wake up. I feel the dark fire of hell burning with in my heart. Deep down to my very soul, of the son of the devil, I feel the power of Mephistopheles crossing through my vanes. Death is but a mere pleasure I receive I feel as though the world is a better place when hundred's dying at once, leaving this world in some sort of horrible disaster, if only I where there to hear there cry's for help, and horrible anguish, as the reaper slowly creeps in and reapers there souls. There are no words to describe the sounds of men and women dying, the sound of the man choking on his own blood as he bleeds internally. The mournful heartache of the woman crying as her baby lay dead in her arms. These are the pictures in my mind, this is what I feel this is what I see, this is what I live in breath, death, decay, this is my life.

By: Sun Dragon
©2002. all rights reserved Sun Dragon Art.

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