tagErotic PoetryCan you hear me?

Can you hear me?

bysensual kitten©

Can you hear me?
Can you hear my Heart call out to you?

As I watch another sunrise ... I long to see your face, I long to feel your touch your arms sliding around me... I long to look into your eyes for comfort, love and contentment as my heart calls out to You.... Can you hear me?

You take me in your arms and place a gentle kiss upon my lips... as the warmth drifts over my body I feel it engulfing my soul. The fire consume me as I You take me higher... do you heart me call out to You... can You hear me

As my heart calls out to You I gaze at yet another sunrise... that we are apart and think time has cheated us of each other.... I sigh for the loss and lonely.... Yet shivers the discovery of a new emotion you replace... from loss to gain as time has blessed us in the fight of each other... my heart calls out to You.... Can you hear me?

Time continues to be a mystery.... With Our gifts so elegantly placed for us to grow in love, friendship, respect and in submission... my heart calls out to You, and Yours answer it...I guess You did hear me after all for You found me and my heart as it calls out to yours

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