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“You cannot change the world, you are just a little girl” said the one who raised me to be strong
“Cannot?” I dryly repeat. “Dear Matron, you are, indeed, making this much to easy for me, this is almost an insult.”
“My life is neither a series nor a dramatic film, and I am not a heroine in any respect.”
“This is most certainly an invitation for rebellion.”

“You say this now, for you are young and foolish, you have never been so before, but you will learn, when the world turns its back on you” replied my Keeper
I answer: “I may be young but not foolish, my head may be in the clouds, but only because I stand on ladders, my feet always return to firmly planted Earthen roots”.

“I have known more than you could ever dream of, and gladly so. I am saddened that you were a child of Love and not War, a child of Idealism, and pity the day the system caught up with you, and you gave up. Most of all I pity the day you conformed and stopped fighting, the day I was born, the day Hope married Greed.”

I was born into this world of conformism, and was fed the rules of the system on an ironically silver spoon.
I now, rightly or otherwise, choose to fight this unbalanced battle.
You continue: “The United Nations could not end war, how could a foolish girl like you do it?”
With more confidence I say: “Have you heard of World War III?” as you stare at me blankly, “No” I continue, “because the U.N. prevented it, the Cold War was never consummated, and Vietnam, what was to become of those poor boys, not heroes, but ‘baby-killers’ they were called, because we made a mistake.

“We will kill no more innocents today” I boldly affirm. “War is instinctive, but the instinct can be fought. We’re human beings with the blood of a million savage years on our hands! But we can stop it. We can admit that we’re killers…but we’re not going to kill today, that’s all it takes! Knowing that we’re not going to kill today!”1

The world may not change in my lifetime, but it will change.
My legacy will go on through my followers. If they die, I will live through my children, if they do not exist, I will be survived by my works, found by a child similar to me, a child confused and exiled, a child who finds solace in my words. This child shall lead the way once again, and I shall live on in spirit.

The flesh is but a shell, protecting the spirit, but is still necessary and beautiful. We all deserve a future like the one our ancestors fought for.

Let us not get caught in the comfortable trap set by Ease.
Work hard and live fruitfully, rewards come when they are not sought for, and last when the material rewards have decayed in the tombs of pharaohs.

Live not only for yourself, live for the world around you, live for the beauty of the future, the land of milk and honey, the days truly worth living for.

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