tagNon-Erotic PoetryCan't Compare

Can't Compare


Do you know what it’s like

Being told time and again that you just

Don’t compare

To the one he really wants to be with

You’re always just scattered rags

Do you know

What it does to your faith

When you’re always just leftovers

To be stored and never eaten

Your faith diminishes until it is just a fragment of a ghost

Time shreds your need and want

He walks into your life

You shove until he’s out

You want to be alone

Too tired and numb to all the emotional disarray

The guy you always wanted deep down looks and sees

You’ve grown up into a pretty young thing

Your heart flips, can’t believe he wants you

But your mind is questioning how he feels, if he could ever

Think of you as the one to make him whole

Once you find out, you tell yourself no more, uh-uh, not doing it again

I’m saving my best for last…

He doesn’t know how much he means to you

Or how it hurts to think of him with someone else after he finally saw you as more

But his words keep playing in your head

“We get over everything”

Tears threatening to fall

Despite the wobbles, you hold your chin up

Tell yourself well damn, I am not worth much to guys

No matter what anyone thinks

It just isn’t worth it to open the doors to my heart

If they care, they’ll get over it anyway

And inside, I’m so numb, blocking entrance to all others

You want it to happen like this...only something that can actually be forever

Without him saying it has to end

But you know the only reason it came to this…he was chained loosely to you from birth

He will always love you

Even if not in love

And you will always love him

Even though you’d wish he wanted the world to know you’re his

Bragging about it like you would

But you can smile anyway

Life goes on

May leave us limping with lost hope

All you can smile about right now is that he wants to be with you more than any other woman

Something no other man could ever achieve

For a girl who never displayed the best personality

The noose is right there

You finger it gently


Wondering if you could ever be happy in this world

Where the people who loved you the most can turn their back

Without telling you why

Why must the world be this way?

Why can’t life be…more secure, less about constant change?

Most people are unhappily married

There are few rare exceptions

But as you were always settling

When you thought he wasn’t a possibility

You know in your heart

You won’t get over him

Though you let him believe it is true

Don’t want him to walk away

Thinking he made a mistake

In pulling you out of your dark cave

He may not be able to save you

But he taught you to live again

The most precious gift anyone could have given you

The future sounds so bleak

Dropping into the water

Loyalty mars your face, distinguishing you from the others that have fallen from those they claimed to love

Maybe you aren’t such a catch

But you know

He’s the only man who could ever really care about you this way

The others just saw you as a throwaway

Nothing’s going to change if you let them hold you down

No, you won’t be dragged again

He’s the one you want, and you’ll remain true

Like no one else could

Love everlasting

Looking at him, you can’t help but think

“The only one I can live with is you”

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