“What’s wrong with you?
Your mind’s adrift
You sailing on some ocean
Far from this fire-pit?”
“No disrespect to your flames.
It’s a girl, I suppose,
Who has my brain in a haze.”
“Ahh get yourself out of this mood!
It ain’t healthy, this thing
We are tired of hearing it!
What happened to you
And your past joyful display?
It’d make a sad man laugh!
Now you’re that man yourself
All because some girl
Left you? Forget her!”
“What are you talking about?
that girl is long gone!
I have a new girl now
That is where I want to be
Who I want to see
Her absence now
That’s why this fire must suffice.”
“This is new to us!
You don’t tell your best friends!
Who is this girl?
A passing ship in the night?
A one-day flight?
A temporary anesthesia
Curbing your plight?”
“You could not be more wrong!
Farther from the truth as a year is long!
This girl is unfathomable
No cliché does her right
She’s no sun, no rose, no light of my life.
She is more than that, without her I’d be
God knows where living some nightmarish dream!
That first girl you spoke of, she did leave me bare
Vacant of feeling, emotion: unaware
This girl now, she was dating a guy
But still came for every
Late night call, ranting car ride
She pulled me along through hell-like times
Like Andy Dufresne, to come out clean
On the other side.”
“Whoa Whoa Whoa!
We see no redemption here!
A girl taking advantage of your
Vulnerability that’s what we fear!
Your last relationship became a bust,
And she magically appeared
Is that what you’re telling us?”
“No, you see the whole time
I missed the obvious signs
Her own life needed help
Her relationship was the sham
But when that was done, I was there
Like these lines, always enjambed”
“Seems like a random ship
Out of the night to us”
“Back to that I do say
That you’re right
A ship she was passing
Call her Carpathia
She caught me sinking.”
“More like call her Carnival,
She’s got you cruising!
With nothing but wishful thinking.”
“Don’t play it like that,
Don’t round-about
Say it like that.
What would you know of it?
A feeling like this, nah
When it comes to love
You’re a lost cub
Wandering straight towards the mist.”
“Oh, and you’re the pride?
You’re my guide?
The guy who snaps his fingers
In front of my wandering eye?
Please! My story would extinguish yours
By the time I’m done
You’ll be so numb,
You think I’m bluffing?
That fire on your hands
Will feel like nothing!”
“I’m not questioning
Your abilities to tell a tale
Be like your boat
Sail! Sail! Sail!”
“Fine I know where to start:
Friday night
With the club lights
Leaving the place
Perfectly dark,
Hopping till I see
The morning sun.”
“Wait wait wait,
I was with you Friday night
Let me get this right. NYC
More like Trenton. VIP,
More like Wendy’s patron,
Club all night,
More like Jimmy Fallon
And Late Night.”
“You had your chance
This is my telling-time now
The date might be fudged
But the plot’s still sound.
So picture the club once more
DJ got us dancing, falling, loving
Usher in a beauty from the front door
She’s with a guy
But that don’t faze me
I walk up and draw this line
‘When he is considering sainthood
I can be your sinner
When he is thinking of calling you
We’re already out to dinner
Wherever he wants to take you
I’ve already been there
So please ditch this loser
And get with the winner.’”
“I see the picture you’re
Drawing with that line
This could be your
Starry Night, Van Gogh
or should I say Picasso
She might slap you so hard
You won’t even know
Which way is up.”
“I knew exactly where her face was
The whole time,
Attached to mine
And I’m proud to say
That when I left her
My pocket
Was ten digits heavier.”
“Oh, she wrote it on a napkin
This love affair’s legit
But let me show you real quick
So the next time a girl hands you
Something like this to rip,
Do it gently so those ten digits
Don’t turn into six.”
“You have to be joking,
This is definitely a trick
I meet the perfect girl
And I tear it apart
Like this!”
“My oh my looks like she
Passed you by, like some sort of
Floating vessel that I’m reminded of
Oh, what’s its name…
Ah, forget it!
New topic,
You write that essay yet
For that scholar-

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