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Casual Sex


The day belongs to those awake
Not you or I for heaven’s sake
For we are creatures of the night
From dusk to dawn is our daylight

I see you over by the bar,
With keys before you to a fancy car
Our eyes meet and with that one glance
I know that we don’t meet by chance.

Without a word we drink apart
Our thoughts and minds never joined to start
The lights go up, the bar will close
And we must go seek our repose

A crooked finger, a beckoning look
I feel a slut, that’s all it took
You walk out straight, right to your car
Knowing behind, I am not far

The two blocks pass without a word,
Mere sentences spoken would sound absurd
For we both know just what we desire
I am your phallus, your cock for hire

Money is not what you’ll pay
You only want you for a lay
We couple hard and fast and strong
The alcohol dictates it won’t take long

Then afterwards as I roll off
You smile at me your nipples grown soft
I follow you up to see what you’re getting
It’s a TV dinner. How amusing. How fitting.

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