tagErotic PoetryCelebrations of Anality

Celebrations of Anality

byCal Y. Pygia©


Do my buttocks tempt you?
Do they draw your eye?
Do they make you want to
Come inside?
Are they temptresses,
Magnets, invitations,
Winking at you
As they smile, looking lewd?
Do they whisper sleek suggestions,
Insinuate smooth, firm-soft intimations,
Seek penetration,
With or without devotion?
Do you admire their loveliness
And the way they wiggle when I walk,
Tighten when I kneel and lean forward,
Adopting an attitude
Of surrender and submission?
If so, I have taught them well!


I like to look
At other men’s buttocks,
Although mine are fine
And beautiful,
For, in seeing bottoms
As lovely, in their way,
As mine, I understand,
Again, why men
Are wont to ogle mine.


Your penis between the cheeks
Of my smooth-as-silk,
Firm-smooth buttocks;
The pressing of your glans
Against the stout resistance
Of my tiny, tight anus;
Your insistence and your firm
Resolve; your phallic penetration
Of my deepest, most intimate
Center--all these actions demonstrate
Your dedication, your commitment,
And your masculine persistence,
Even as, unmanning me, they show
My acquiescence and surrender
To a greater man, of greater force
And superior virility; I suffer your
Invasion, endure my pummeling,
And await, a patient possession,
The semen with which you brand
Your acquiescent property.


My balls, suspended below
My buttocks, offered,
Like gifts, to you,
Are ornaments, whose purpose
Is not to inseminate,
But to decorate, that they,
Like the snug anus which awaits
Your pleasure, may tempt
You, lure you, entice you
Out of thought, into other,
Far sexier sentiments.

Do you like the way they swing
To and fro, back and forth,
Between my legs as you lunge
And plunge, as if they were parts
Of a metronome keeping time
To the magic and the mystery
Of your enchanted loins?
But they are not parts of such
An instrument, for, were they so,
They would have a purpose beyond
Adornment and invitation,
And they have none but those;
My balls are but decorations
To draw your eye
And make you think of me
Properly--as an offering to you.


I do not know how you feel
When you are deep inside me,
Frantic with the need
To spill your seed within my bowels
Or shower my buttocks
After you have reamed my anus,
Making it thrice or four times
Its original size and round
With the memory of your drive
To own and ravish me;
I hope it is a wild and wonderful
Ride for you; for me, it means
I please you, and that is enough
For me, for I am pleased to please.


I feel sorry for ladies,
The unfortunate sex,
For women lack the one
And only thing by which
Any know true bliss;
Though blessed with breasts,
They’re cursed with cunts,
And only a stiff and swollen
Penis, plumbing sleek,
Round buttocks, can elevate
The soul, deify one’s sex,
And consecrate the flesh.


The buttocks
Tempt the eye;
Their smooth curves
Stiffen cocks
And make them swell
To dimensions
Several times
Their flaccid size;
Impaled, they prove
The manhood of the man
Who is stalwart enough
To invade and occupy
Another man’s body,
Heart, mind, and soul.


In the darkness,
Beside the light
Of the single lamp,
Among the shadows,
There was a struggle,
Brief, but fierce
And final, before one man
Conquered the other,
Driving his cock deep
Into his vanquished
Foe’s defeated rectum,
Every inch of passing anus
A testament to the strength
And superior manliness
Of the gladiator
Who fought the battle
In the arena
Of the cheap roadside motel.

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