tagErotic PoetryChains and Blindfolds

Chains and Blindfolds


I reach across to kiss you
Your soft lips touching mine
You close your eyes, moving closer
Your tongue starts wrestling mine
My hands move around your waist
And wander up your back
You start undressing me quickly
And moving me towards the sack
I sit on the bed and kick my shoes off
And watch you undress slowly
I lie back across the duvet
You chain my wrists and ankles securely
You tie me to the bedposts
And pull the chains tight
You’re going to pleasure me completely
And make me thrash and fight
The tight restrains are there
To stop me touching you
I’m under your complete control
You then blindfold me so I can’t even see you
My mind starts to run wild
With what you plan to do to me
I hear some rapid clicking
And I realise your photographing me
I can feel your moving closer
I’m begging for your touch
You start sucking my nipples
Until it becomes too much
I thrash on the bed
Pulling at my chain
Your hands soon working at my pussy
As I get wetter it lessens the pain
You’ve almost got your hand inside me
As your mouth moves to my lips
Then to my neck your hands move first to my breasts
Then to my lips
I suck eagerly at your fingers
Tasting my juices creamy and sweet
Next thing I know you’re gone
You’re standing on your feet
You move your strong hands
From my soft lips
You put your quivering penis
To my soft, plump and eager lips
You push yourself inside my mouth
Letting my tongue do its magic tricks
Licking, caressing and teasing
Your rock hard delightful prick
As I suck you you start moaning
And there’s movement in my hips
I’m really eager to please you
Therefore upset when your cock comes out from my lips
You lie on top of me
Your dick now entering my pussy
I feel so dirty but its good
I like being your hussy
You pump faster and faster into me
Hitting my throbbing g spot
Making the room get warmer
You are making me so hot
You groan as you pump your juice inside me
Filling me with your sperm
You tell me that you love it
The fact I’m open to learn
It seems like forever
Until you release me from my ties
My hands finally find you
And I can look into your eyes
We lie down together
Kissing and holding each other tight
It feels good being with you
You make my heart feel light
So rest my sweet
In my safe protecting hold
Cause it’ll soon be time
For you to wear the blindfold

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