tagErotic PoetryChains of Disclosure

Chains of Disclosure


Meaning writhes in falsehood’s glare,
Entitling names,
Falsehoods entombed in acts writ  bare.

I see some pose,
Postures fraught,
Intense, in nonsense,
Their wish strives, distraught,
To be  seen,
And read,
And Taken, swallowed, whole,
Whilst suborned in mists of  dissimilations’ goal.

They posture, so hard,
Framed by words where walk and talk,
Might form a lie,
And sad truth be corked.
Corrupted by the powerframed lie,
That claims they share,
Such as  beheld  by my history’s  eye.

But truth be  known,
Most have n’ere close to owned,
That moment’s  sweet and heady tide
Wherein true essence of Life shall ever abide.
That redolent, sensate, oer’whelming fact
Of a submission,
     Of all freedom,
          Entrusted by and in,
               Her enslavement,
Evermore, then and  always,
     A mutual Pact.

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