tagErotic PoetryChance dancer

Chance dancer

byAdrian Leverkuhn©

Chance Dancing
(for Erica)

Through vacant corridors of time she waits
Storied shadows woven on sunlight drift by
They play across the tune of her face -
Her song begins to play.

Crowded curtains pulled aside
Reveal fields of silent dreams
Cast asunder in violent reckoning -
Remnants of another day.

She dreams of rhythms she chanced once to learn
Yet born of mystery and enchanted airs
So slowly in the warmth of this moment -
Her heart lingers on the sigh she feels.

Come deeper now to the sigh within
Reason and the savaged remains of ancient magic
Remain mute in the face of her disbelief -
Sacred music stands here - within - waiting to be played.

The silent night is cold
Lost to her silence waiting like a prayer
The music of her dreams unfolds -
Chance Dancer moves to the light.

And is lost to the movement
That within her bosom burns like a fire unrestrained
This promised song is meant to be -
Chance Dancer move to the light.


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