tagErotic PoetryCharlotte's Web!

Charlotte's Web!

byUncle Pervey©

A girl named Charlotte loved having sex,
And Charlotte knew how to use her "thing."
Her body movements were "Heavenly,"
And her walk could make a Bulldog sing!

I first met Charlotte out on the street,
While I was out taking my stroll.
The way she walked really jerked my chain,
And the movement captured my soul!

We made it back to Charlotte's "Boudoir,"
Where she fixed both of us a drink.
And I was captured in "Charlotte's Web,"
And in her bed, quick as a wink!

Charlotte's breasts were perfectly shaped cones,
With Strawberry nipples on top!
She moaned as I licked, and sucked each one,
And I just couldn't seem to stop!

I moved on down to Charlotte's belly,
And I tongued out her button-hole.
I licked her silky skin down further,
Until I made it to my goal!

As I slid my tongue inside her bush,
Charlotte cried out and gave a squeal!
My tongue caressed her warm wet sweetness,
As I slurped, and swallowed my meal!

Charlotte came with wild hip gyrations,
And I had to hold to her tight.
I wanted to eat all her love juice,
And wanted it, with all my might!

Charlotte laid still like a warm wet rag,
She was exhausted and well spent.
I slid up, on her warm wet body,
And she figured out my intent!

Charlotte was weak, but opened her legs,
So my hard cock could slide inside.
She wrapped her long legs around my waist,
And Charlotte gave me a wild ride!

She squeezed her legs and pulled me in deep,
And with joy I started humping!
I filled Charlotte's pussy with hot cum,
When my hard cock began pumping!

Charlotte cried out when she felt my load,
"Oh Johnny! Your cum's just like fire!
I feel like I'm sizzling inside,
And I'm burning with hot desire!"

While I was still spurting out my cum,
Charlotte's hips began their jerking.
Charlotte was cumming again, once more,
As my squirting cock was working!

I laid on top, and I sucked her tongue,
As we slowly got our breaths back.
Then I rolled Charlotte onto her front,
I wanted to get at her crack!

Charlotte had the most beautiful ass,
That I'd ever seen in my life!
It made me think of a plump sweet peach,
And was something worth all my "strife!"

Charlotte's cheeks were firm, and plump, and round,
And her skin was silky, and warm.
Her luscious crack began at her waist,
And it hid an erotic "storm!"

I started out by licking her good,
And I left "hickies" on each cheek.
Then I pulled her scrumptious cheeks apart,
I just HAD to take me a peek!

Charlotte's anus looked so succulent,
The way it was squeezed shut so tight.
I let my eyes devour it's "glory,"
And they feasted with pure delight!

I licked and sucked the skin in her crack,
Until I had Charlotte groaning.
When I fastened my mouth on her hole,
My sweet Charlotte started moaning!

I licked and sucked, and tongue-fucked her hole,
Til it started looking inflamed.
It was pooching out, and firey red,
And about to drive us insane!

I was more than ready, to plunge in,
My cock was hard and burning hot!
But Charlotte's asshole was ready too,
So I moved in, right to the spot!

When my cock first touched Charlotte's "Glory,"
I felt like it had just brushed fire!
When the head slid in, her spincter squeezed,
Making my lust burn much higher!

Her tight asshole's heat and wet friction,
Kept sucking my burning cock in.
The pleasure was inflaming my brain,
And my cock started cumming then!

Charlotte's spincter muscle kept squeezing,
And it sucked my squirting cock dry.
I laid there exhausted on Charlotte,
But I'd go again, by and by!

Charlotte and I made love ALL that night,
And even though I'm called a "Reb,"
I'll NEVER regret for a minute,
Getting caught up in "Charlotte's Web!!"

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