tagErotic Poetrycheat more often

cheat more often


if i caught my man cheating
darn right i'd be upset
he knows i'm into women
oh what did he forget
i don't mind sharing
i would have helped eat her out
afterall isn't teamwork
what being a couple is all about
making her feel good
would be no trouble
with two of us pleasing her
her orgasms would double
he could tongue her juicy browneye
while i kiss and suck her tits
did i die and go to heaven
'cause it surely feels like it
my finger way up her pussy
like a tampon when she's bleeding
after she cums it's my turn
and my cunt they'll both be eating
the cumming goes on for hours
until we're all completely drained
and from my man's cheating ways
a new fuck friend has been gained

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