tagErotic PoetryChristmas Day With Mummy Catherine

Christmas Day With Mummy Catherine

bySissy Adele Howells©

Early Hours Christmas Morning,
Picking Catherine Morgan's nose,
Both my fingers up her nostrils,
Mummy Catherine smiles at me,
"Kinky Christmas Charlotte, Rhianna Morgan,
My perverted sissy girlie"

Mummy helps me open my Presents,
As I'm to busy picking her nose,
I squeal with delight, at my new pink dress
A baby dolly, that wets herself,
Plenty of Frilly panties for me to wear,
Im lucky,kinky Charlotte Rhianna Morgan,
Mummy Catherine's sissy daughter.

I watch, as Mummy Catherine dresses me up
Patiently watching, Mummy getting ready
Catherine puts on her makeup
Her bright, red, sticky lipstick,
Especially for her sissy girlie,
A white lacy bra, over her milky breasts,
Matching, satin, white panties,
Suspender belt, with black stockings,
Then to my delight, Mummy Catherine puts on,
A sexy, royal, blue, Nurses uniform.

For my Christmas dinner, baby food is a must,
Lumpy, baby porridge to start,
Turkey, baby, wet food for dinner,
Followed by Banana and Prunes baby desert,
Mummy Catherine then breast feeds me,
Her warm milk settling in my stomach.

Sitting on Mummy Catherine's lap
Watching Three hours of cartoons,
Picking bogies from Mummy's nose,
Yes im still hungary, bogies are tasty,
Mummy Catherine Morgan has sweet sticky bogies,
Soon we are wet, snogging hard,
Mummy Catherine's wet lipstick all over my mouth,
Then Mummy sneezes in to my face,
Blows her nose hard in her hanky,
Pops her snotty hanky in my mouth

A perfect end to Christmas day,
Shagging Mummy Catherine on her sofa,
Her breasts being sucked to excess,
Mummy Catherine's nose is in my mouth,
Sucking,drinking her snot down my throat.

"Mummy Catherine loves you sweetheart,
My kinky Charlotte, Rhianna Morgan,
Fuck me hard you pervert,
I want to be in the pudding club,
My husband's cock is smaller than yours,
So fuck off Patrick,your not needed anymore
I love sissy Charlotte, Rhianna Morgan,
Kinky Christmas fucking is the best,
Oh! Charlottte Rhianna Morgan,
You dirty,filthy,kinky,perverted slut
Up my tight pussy you kinky slag,
Yes! Yes! Yes! pump your spunk inside my slit,
Pant! Pant! Pant! I love you Charlotte Rhianna,
I'm fucked and very contented,
Hope you have enjoyed yourself Charlotte,Rhianna."

All this was done with her Nurses uniform on,
For a grand finish to Christmas Day,
Made Mummy Catherine touch her toes,
Two fingers up Catherine Morgan's nose,
I Fucked her up her ass.

Merry Kissmas Mummy Catherine Morgan,

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