Gentle ripples of passion score
My soul, in a thousand different places;
Slashing its way, begging its welcome;
Touching deep, the underlying need.

It has no face, no truer form
To bless these tired eyes;
Wide open in wonder, in fear;
Wrenching through, opening the wounds.

Subtle need, obscured in pain
That draws out, the needy grasp;
Gripping the passion tightly;
Holding it close, to learn more.

Wanting to see, to touch
This presence, so wildly bold;
Binding me tight, smothering the wounds;
It's light, bringing down the night.

Cursing its intrusion, loving
Its determination, to fill the gap;
Curling up within me, becoming me;
Softly embracing, teaching, possessing.

Ripped wide, these wounds heal
In the light, Your light, taking;
Pulling away, all that I have been;
Stripping clean, all that I was.

Pulsing through, beating strong within
This heart of mine, You nestle;
Worming through, shaping the space;
The gaping wound, closing slowly.

Tethering sinews, prodding the flow
Of blood through my heart, guiding its path;
Taking it through, a body receives its life flow;
Gentle, insistent trust and love grow.

Collapsing tiredly, within strong arms
That carry me, take me where I belong;
Within You, part of You, entrenched;
Bloody and dirty, weak from the fight.

In love's light, I am cleansed
And bathed in the glow, presented new;
Emerging in ethereal, knowing grace;
Kneeling in this divinity, this freedom of soul.

And I open my eyes, to focus upon
The face, the form to which I belong;
Renewed, stronger, whole in its image;
Reflections of You, of new life, new hope.

Hope dawns, burns deeply within
Passion's fire, surging through, claiming;
The image seen in raw clarity, clutching at my heart;
Seeing You; my protector, my creator, my healer.

Soulful trust, reaches out, slipping
A hand, within proferred promise;
To care, nurture, and love in ownership;
Your creation, Your servant, Your one.

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