tagNon-Erotic PoetryClarions Call

Clarions Call


He stands upon the sun baked surface
Armour once gleaming, dented and burnished
And looks upon the field of his youthful dreams
of glory and treasure and high adventure
with the bitterness of experience and opportunities lost
He remembers the firm grasp of lost friends,
the tender comforts of transient fleeting love
The sweat blurs his vision, yet he sees his broken dreams clearly through the
veil of his tears
And wearily he turns away from his past and confronts the reality of the present
The lonely difficult road home he has traveled
wounded and chastened with the loss of friends and
And yet he continues on, alone yet surviving
Until he comes upon the goal of his journey
A sustaining thought that has carried him through the solitude he has endured
For before him he sees one woman standing set before the horizon
And he breaks down finally before her
His control shattered, the will that sustained him ebbing
And she comes upon him and gathers him into her arms
And offers solace with her tender touch
Upon the weather beaten brow of the man kneeling before her
And in looking up into her eyes he finds the goal he has been seeking

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