tagErotic PoetryClimaxes For Two

Climaxes For Two


my breasts pressed against the wall
your body pressed against my back
your penis at full throttle, ready to attack
as you plunge far into my hole
you growl like a mighty bear
your erection's in my anus
I love it being there
you push into me with a powerful thrust
my knees go weak as I'm overcome with lust
my cries of pleasure are muffled
and my long, dark hair tousled
you're pumping me quickly
making my vagina get sticky
you pull out, bend down,
and thoroughly lick me
your hot breath's on my neck's nape
my thighs can't help but shake
I'm trying not to orgasm
but don't know how much more I can take
I feel your fluids flood my walls
and that's my body's cue
to conclude this sex session
with a climax courtesy of you

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