tagErotic PoetryClosing My Eyes

Closing My Eyes



Closing my eyes I drifted off
Into a very peaceful rest,
Comforted by the warm softness
Of my sweet Cat’s cheek upon my chest.

Running my fingers through the full length
Of her cascading silky brown hair,
Lifting it overhead I spread loving kisses
Across the smoothness of her neck with gentle care.

The subtle softness of Cat’s tender kisses
The eagerness of her so very exciting touch,
Her whispered words of loving me
Expressing the devotion I need so very much.

Her fingers tracing a titillating path
Teasing every inch of my yearning skin,
The warmth of my sweet Cat’s mouth
Taking the entirety of my manhood within.

Oh God the incredible pleasure received
As I gaze into her hazel green eyes so bright,
The irresistible urge to seek out the treasure
Hidden between her thighs just out of my sight.

Exploring Cat’s beautiful nectar filled womanhood
My fingers easily slipping so deeply inside,
As my thumb massages the thin skin of the hood
Covering the swollen little knob it tries to hide.

Cat’s unrestricted sensual and lustful desires
Her becoming so wonderfully hot and wet,
Her intoxicating scent overwhelming me
As my tongue and her pink softness first met.

My throbbing hardness caressed passionately
By Cat’s delicate folds so wet, so sweet,
Her cries of pure pleasure acknowledging
The powerful release of my liquid heat.

Cat joining my frenzied rhythmic spasms of joy
A dance of sexual satisfaction from deep within,
The ecstasy of sharing the sensual intimacy
Of what some call the original sin.

Making exquisite love with my sweet Cat
Is such a beautiful heavenly thing,
That our cries of passion filled pleasure
Inspires all the angels in heaven to sing.

Our souls intertwined together signaling
The beautiful bonds of true love have begun,
Consummated by our eager love making
And the celebration of becoming one.

Yes, closing my eyes I drifted off
Into a very peaceful rest,
Comforted by the warm softness
Of my sweet Cat’s cheek upon my chest…BWL

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