tagNon-Erotic PoetryClouded Dreams

Clouded Dreams


One cold winter’s night I lay dreaming
My dreams were clouded with the realities of the past
How I longed to let go of all those dark dreary moments
I wanted to hold on only to thoughts of you

But dreams have a way of masking the truth
The happiness I thought I had found, now gone

Gone were the tender kisses, the warm embraces
Replaced by cold shivers upon my skin
Gone were the feelings of protection, of love
Replaced by insecurities and doubts

And dreams have a way of recalling old foes
Lingering demons are hard to erase

I awaken in fear, but I see you curled up beside me
I reach out to you, needing to feel the reality of you
My touch is light and gentle, not meant to stir
Only meant to defy the demons.

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