tagErotic Poetrycoming to the stage...

coming to the stage...


your cock's got a question
my cunt's the answer
you're turned on by me
'cause i'm an exotic dancer
you come see me every night
you always tip me well
a glimpse of me is what you need
when you've had a day from hell
the way i move my body
puts you in a trance
you love the way i look
you love the way i dance
i get off the stage
i sit on your lap
you remove my bra
with one simple snap
i take you to the back
and the real show starts
clothing comes off
to reveal private parts
we start to fondle
we start to kiss
my sexy body
you cannot resist
we make it a quickie
so i can go back and perform
this treatment is special for you
it is not my norm

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