tagErotic PoetryCorrection No. 1

Correction No. 1


I do not remember the reason for the Correction.
I know that whatever I did,
I displeased you,
Therefore, I was to receive a Correction

I wore thigh high black stockings
And black leather wrist cuffs
Nothing else
I hurried to put the toys out
I heard you come in and lock the door
My back was to you
I was nervous
No, I was afraid
Afraid of the Correction
It had been so long

You walked around me
Inspecting me
You sat in the chair
I placed the pillow between your feet
I knelt on the pillow
"What are you feeling?" you questioned
Fear, I felt fear
"You don't feel submissive?" you inquired
Yes, I felt submissive
"Why didn't you tell me you felt submissive?"
Your voice angry
I was afraid
Afraid of what you would do to me

"Untie my shoes" you instructed
I began untying your shoes
"Not with your hands" you instructed
I bent down
Untied the laces on your left shoe with my teeth
You slapped my ass
I saw stars
I untied your laces
Slipping my tongue around the loop
You slapped my ass again
I untied the laces on your right shoe
With my teeth
This one was more difficult
You seemed impatient
"Are they untied" you questioned
"No" I replied
Harder still
I was angry
I almost stood up and asked you to leave
You were hurting me
I was angry at myself
For not following your initial instructions
For having to receive a Correction

"Take my socks off" you instructed
I slipped off your socks
And placed them in your shoes
My eyes downcast
Wanting to look up to you
Wanting to smother your face with kisses
To beg your forgiveness
But I knew
That I was not permitted
To look at you

"Suck my feet" you instructed
Hungrily, I bent down
Licking and sucking your feet
My tongue licking between your toes
Your moans of pleasure excited me
I wondered if you had ever had your feet sucked
Your toes lifting up as I sucked harder
Wanting to please you

You instructed me to stand facing away from you
I felt dizzy when I stood

"Show me your asshole" you instructed
I wanted to bend over, but I was still dizzy
I lifted my ass cheeks
Spreading them high
Exposing my asshole to you

"Where are the dowels"
"Where is the whip"
Oh no, I had forgotten
I hurried to get ready
I had forgotten them in the closet
I retrieved them, placing them on the floor

I stood with my back to you
You clipped the wrist cuffs together
Behind my back
The pillowcase over my head
Tying a rope around my neck
Smothering me
Unable to breathe
I gasped for air
You leaned me against the wall
My breathing fast
I was getting dizzy

I heard it
The sound of the dowel
Swishing through the air

I feared it
You slapped it against my ass
The tip digging into my hip
I sucked in my breath
Holding it
Steadying myself for another strike
Again you slapped me
Again and again
Unable to breathe
I called your name
Begging you for fresh air
"It comes at a price" you informed me
Again you slapped
Please, I begged you
Please, I need fresh air
You loosened the pillowcase
You slapped my ass again
The dowel breaking into pieces
Falling to the floor
Tears running down my face
You lifted the pillowcase
Fresh air filled my lungs

You took off your belt
That distinctive sound
I braced myself against the wall
As the belt landed against my ass
Over and over
My ass hot
Thirty slaps
Hard with the belt
I concentrated so hard
Trying to keep up
Afraid of making a mistake
My ass hot

You turned me around
Against the cool wall
"Which should we do next
Your nipples or your pussy?" you inquired
Whatever pleases you
You are in control
It is not my decision

I closed my eyes
Knowing the clips would hurt
The red tip missing
The pain
My nipples soft
Not crusty
The pain
I screamed
Take them off

You pushed me against the wall
The dowel striking my breasts
I struggled
You grabbed my breast in your hand
Slapped the dowel against it
Intense pain

Leaning against your body
The crop
Five times against my pussy
Against my thighs
Intense pain
The blindfold around my eyes
Pushed against the wall
I heard you put on the gloves
I spread my legs
Your gloved hand slapping hard
Against my pussy
Again and again

Leaning against you
You kissed me
Intense pleasure
Hungry for your kisses
I kissed back
Your hand slapping my pussy
As you kissed me
Pain and pleasure at the same time

My face
I fear the pain on the face
Three times
I screamed No
You slapped my pussy again
You slapped my face again

You tied the rope around my chest
Squeezing the air out of my lungs
I knelt on the bed
Knowing my ass was exposed to you
Your hand
Hard against my ass
My face buried in the pillow
You hit again and again
My ass hot
My ass stinging
I couldn't breathe
Your hand grabbing the rope at my back
As your hand landed on my ass
I stood up

You untied the rope
You took off the wrist cuffs
"Lay down on the bed beside me" you instructed
I lay down
Afraid to move
Afraid to touch you
But wanting to hold you
Wanting to kiss you

I masturbated as you watched
The nipple clips resting on my stomach
You applied them as the orgasm peaked
Twisting them
An intense orgasm
Pleasure and pain

I masturbated again
Harder, my fingers digging into my pussy

Your cock warm in my mouth
Sucking long slow motions
Feeling it get harder
Sucking your balls
Filling my mouth
Wanting to look you in the eyes
Your moans
You raised up
Held my face
Slapped me
I stared at you
Again you slapped
Sucking your cock
Filling my mouth

On my back
My legs spread wide
Watching you stroke your cock
Watching your juices spray on my body



I fear the next Correction

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