tagErotic PoetryCorrection No. 7

Correction No. 7


I hurried home
Arriving only minutes before you
Braided my hair
Lit the candle
Changed clothes
Placed out some of the toys
I looked at you
Happy to see you
I know I shouldn't have
But I did
I like looking at you
You slapped my ass
That's when I became submissive
That's when I knew you were in charge
That's when I knew I would do anything you asked

I got two clothes hangers
Placed them on the chair
I bent down
Unlaced your shoe
Took off your sock
Unlaced your other shoe
Took off your other sock
Placed these out of the way
I unbuttoned your shirt
I unbuttoned the cuffs
Taking care not to wrinkle
I hung the shirt in the closet
I unfastened your belt
I unfastened your pants
And slipped them off your body
Hanging them in the closet
So they wouldn't get wrinkled

I stood
Eyes to the ground
As you selected something
Moving the fabric
You placed the nipple clamp
On my right nipple
My fist tight
My fingernails digging into my skin
You placed the clamp on the left nipple
My nipples
The pain
I wanted them off

You tied the rope to my hair
My nipples throbbing
I began to cry
Begging you to take the clamps off
You slapped my ass
With the paint stirrer
Each ass cheek

You pulled the chain
On the nipple clamps
Tugging on the nipples
Pulling them

My back against the door
You tied my hair
Pulling it
On my toes
Clothes pins on the nipples
Clothes pin on the tongue
Clothes pins on the clit
Clothes pins on the thigh

I should not reach out
To touch you
No pleasure
As you applied the wrist cuffs
Incidental touches
Your skin so warm
My hands behind the back
Clamped together
Intense pain

Dripping down the clothes pin
My tongue in pain
Numbing pain
Take it off
You didn't like my tone
It hurt
You've never hurt me
But this hurt
I wanted you to stop

Twisting the pins
On the nipples
I couldn't see
It hurt
Excruciating pain

When the pin came off the tongue
Cooling water
Cramps in the toes
My legs shaking

Then slaps
To the pussy
Your hand holding in the pain
I wanted you to stop
Slight tapping on my skin
Followed by intense pain
I wanted to be strong
But the pain was too intense

I stood unable to move
As you took off the cuffs
You guided me to the bed
Told me what to do
Your cock in my mouth
Your balls in my mouth
Your juices in my mouth

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