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cum canvas


you see men
i like semen
from its texture to its taste
don't care where on my hot body it's placed
i can gulp it down my throat
or rub it into my skin
or plug up my butt and cunt
to make sure that it stays in
i like to watch a man stroking
until his volcano erupts
then hold out my jugs
so he can fill my d cups
a jizz puddle in the small of my back
or a thick, sticky load drizzled down my ass crack
makes no difference to me
just drain that sac
i'll hold out my hands
you can shoot it in my palms
i'm not just freaky
mother fucker, i'm the bomb
let me lift up my arms
so you can squirt cum on my pits
or coat my belly with your sperm
making a gooy mess of it
shoot me a pearl necklace
bust a nut on my fingers and toes
there's not a single place on me
that your swimmers aren't welcomed to go
i am your cum canvas
paint my body with your splooge
we both know you're gonna cum
it's just where that you must choose

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