tagErotic Poetrycum queen

cum queen


i'm masturbating for a group of men
i counted then and there are ten
they all have their dicks in their hand
after i cum, sucking them is my plan
i'm looking pretty hot in my red fishnet dress
their smiles tell me that they are impressed
my dildo is in my cunt, my finger's on my clit
once i get going, it's hard for me to quit
my pussy juice wets my thighs
the men are excited, i see it in their eyes
my dildo is covered with cream from my crotch
i lick it clean while all the men watch
i'm finished playing with myself, it's time for the men
when you're dealing with me, it's always win win
i go down the line sucking them one by one
it's a tough job but it must be done
so many dicks different colors, sizes, and shapes
i'm such a super dick sucker i should be wearing a cape
all ten men shoot their load on me
next time i'll tape it for you all to see

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