tagErotic PoetryDaddy And Daughter

Daddy And Daughter


Pale grey mini slip dress.
Light grey thigh high nylons.
Little Red Satin Panties.
Me trying to look grown up for my Daddy.
Older than 19
Sitting on your lap,
feeling daddy's hard penis on my panties,
starting to get wet,
wrapping my arms around you,
covering your face in kisses,
soft at first
my lips on yours daddy,
my tongue pushing into your mouth.
My nipples hard in my dress,
the satin panties almost soaked through.
Naughty naughty Amy.
Sexy hard Daddy.
Whispering in your ear,
"please Daddy,"
my breath warm,
using the naughty words you want me to say.
"please daddy, my cunt is so wet."
"Please Daddy, will you fuck your princess"
Embarrassed to use such language.
Daddy's slut,
"please Daddy, cum inside your little bitch."
Reaching and lifting my dress right up over my head,
Daddy can see my freshly shaved underarms,
see my hard little nipples.
Daddy can see that my panties don't even cover my hairless pussy.
I unzip your pants, tug them down.
Your cock,
another naughty word daddy taught me,
springs free and stands stiff and so tempting.
Babyslut cannot wait,
I slide my red satin panties down and off.
Take them in my hand, give them to you.
Watch as you inhale the satin aromas.
Daddy's hard cock seems to get even bigger!!
I look into your eyes,
mine wide, loving, watching;
see you nod.
I accept your permission and place my cunt,
bad bad word for daddy's girl,
above your cock,
feeling it just on my shaved slit.
Oh god
I can't hold back and slide slowly down your penis.
My pussy so wet, warm.
Daddy filling me
Babygirl moaning as I begin to fuck your cock.
Leaning forward,
sucking your nipples,
biting them like Daddy does to me.
Feeling your cock twitch inside me.
Sliding up and down your cock.
Cunt squeezing,
Hard Daddy
riding daddy
oh god
feeling my orgasm approach
cumming on Daddy's penis
feeling daddy tense
Felling Daddy squirt
DaddyCum in my cunt
Daddysperm in my vagina
Lifting my body up
Wonderful feelings
sliding down your body
daddy cock in my mouth
Daddy still cumming
Warm white creamy cum in my mouth
coating my tongue
tasting my girl juices on your cock
Sucking your cum
Daddy's delicious Sperm
little gentle happy tears sliding down my cheeks
Amy in heaven
Daddy's favourite.
My grown up lover, adoring me
You love it when I call you Daddy

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