tagErotic PoetryDay Dreaming

Day Dreaming


I wake, and stir, and stretch, and sigh,
and feel the pulsing, by my thigh,
as I see images, vividly keeping
dreams I had while I was sleeping,
playing there within my head,
as I lay warmly, in my bed...

and in those dreams I see you there,
with a sleepy smile and tousled hair,
awake and mischievous, next to me,
and MMmmmm that is not all I see,
for I envision breasts and hips,
and feminine skin, and luscious lips,
which capture and caress me, taking
control of me there while I am waking.

I feel my manhood surge, and strain,
so full it almost causes pain!
I touch your skin, caress your back,
your fingers tickle and scratch my sac,
your warm and loving mouth imparts
sensations, love, that warm our hearts,
(and certainly other body parts!)

And, as I wake, my senses reel
at all the things you make me feel,
as in my bed, it's you I see,
the perfect living fantasy!
Awake, I shift and move, and gasp,
and hold and stroke your skin, and clasp
you to me just to feel your skin,
anticipating being, 'In'......
For now that I'm awake, it seems,
Your presence dear, surpasses dreams!

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